Instrumental Music @ MCC

Welcome to the Instrumental Music Program (IM @ MCC)

Program Overview

At Mernda Central College, all students study Performing Arts as part of the curriculum. As the college is growing, we are excited to continue enhancing our Music and Performing Arts program by providing students with the opportunity to be involved in Instrumental Music.

Our aim is to create opportunities and experience for students outside the classroom, using Music as an impetus to develop our students as a whole. By offering tuition in a range of instruments, students are given the chance to learn an instrument of their choice, build their confidence through practice and performance, and work towards any future music or performing aspirations.

We are excited to continue building Instrumental Music at Mernda Central College (IM @ MCC), and look forward to seeing and hearing our students as part of the program.

To find out more, please click on the link to download our Instrumental Music Handbook