BYOD iPad Program

At Mernda Central College, we're at the forefront of adapting 21st Century Learning principles, ensuring the best for our students and their families. Our mission is to craft a dynamic, engaging, and enriching learning environment that cultivates creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking - skills integral to future success.

We understand the increasing significance of digital literacy and innovation, and so, we integrate this understanding into our curriculum. We also appreciate the value of traditional learning methods, cherishing the importance of pen and paper tasks and the irreplaceable essence of face-to-face interactions.

In our pursuit of educational excellence, we see the iPad as a key instrument in enhancing the learning experience. It offers a means to develop digital proficiency, promotes student choice, and facilitates personalised learning. Please know that we implement this tool with careful consideration, utilising it only when it serves to meaningfully enhance the learning objectives.

Our 1:1 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) iPad program stands as a testament to our innovative approach. We take pride in the progress and achievements this program has yielded for our students and the broader college community. Our dedication is unwavering in ensuring the highest quality learning opportunities and support for our students.

For our younger learners, from Prep to Year Four, the device used must be an Apple iPad. This device's compatibility with our system and ease of use make it the optimal choice. The iPad smoothly integrates with essential services like Seesaw and Essential Assessment, and also allows the college to conveniently send apps to students.

The following iPads are supported in the BYOD iPad Program:

* Please note we do not recommend the iPad Mini as they are currently not suitable for NAPLAN due to screen size requirements.

Our recommendation:

iPad‌‌ (9th generation) - This is the current everyday essentials model and is our recommendation for a new iPad purchase.

JB Hi-Fi Education

Mernda Central College have worked with JB Hi-Fi to provide a BYOD Device Portal that will provides parents with access to a wide range of Education specific laptops, tablets, accessories and insurance.

All orders will be delivered to your nominated JB Hi-Fi store. You will receive both an email and an SMS notifying you once your order is available for collection.

Online ordering can be done using the below link and entering the school code which is MERNDACC2024