The Library Resources Centre acts as the information centre of the school.  It provides a learning environment which not only supports the curriculum, but encourages independent life-long learning in our students.

Joy Burlak

We are dedicated to providing and promoting intellectual and physical access for all.  An extensive range of multi-modal texts is sourced to stimulate and challenge our students. The rewards of reading are reflected by an appreciation of literature and enthusiasm for reading for leisure by competent and confident readers.

Information and Communications literacy are key targets to develop our students as critical users and creators of information in the 21st century.  Our role is to encourage them to be responsible digital citizens, manipulating ideas and information effectively.

Wheelers eBooks (ePlatform)

ePlatform helps you build an inspiring digital library. We specialise in local content for the markets we serve and offer the best authors and publishers from across the globe.

Mernda Central College is part of the ePlatform One school consortia collection which offers an instant peer selected eLibrary of 1,250 titles.